Mokena Illinois Attractions

White Water Canyon Water Park is a family-friendly water park located in the heart of Mokena, Illinois, north of Chicago. The family amusement park features an award-winning mini golf course, water slides, a water slide and a variety of water rides.

In addition to stopping at Heart Haunted House, Mokena has attractions and activities that everyone will enjoy. There are over 15 parks with a variety of child-friendly attractions - themed playgrounds and playgrounds, including Point Park, the largest children's playground in the Chicago area.

The fun center also offers activities for all ages as well as toddlers and offers events for children with special needs. Families with younger children can have a good time in the playground or visit the environmental learning centre's youth programmes.

The Willow Run Golf Course is a great place to play a round of golf or enjoy other outdoor activities on a warm afternoon. If you want to learn to ride or are looking for a more traditional leisure experience for children and families with special needs, you should visit Country Meadow Farm. The only thing you don't find in this 55 + community are children who can be visited but can't live in most communities. Think of the hotel as a residential community, but you'll find it here in the heart of Mokena, Illinois.

If you venture into the state, you may see a shrew, but if you have a good scare, you will want to start your stay in Mokena with a visit to the SickHouse. This room is great fun for little adventurers who surreptitiously navigate through four floors of different platforms. Relax in the lounge where you can enjoy good food and drinks while watching the race track below.

The small Pastiche Art Studio is perfect for several couples and is ideal for groups of up to 20 people. The painting parties usually last two to three hours and you are responsible for the catering yourself.

Tribes Alehouse and Grill has a variety of events such as Taco Tuesday, Hump Day and Halfsies. Visit the website for more information about relaxing dining and events in Mokena Illinois. Be sure to check out the hotel website to make sure you're not missing out on events you might enjoy.

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A series of nine murals depicting the local and national history of Lincoln Highway, as well as the history of Mokena itself, were completed on this section of the Lincoln Highway in 2012.

Christopher Art Gallery is located on the main campus of Prairie State College and hosts eight exhibitions each year featuring works by local, local and national artists. The Center for the Performing Arts presents a series of performances by Chicago artists in collaboration with the Mokena Symphony Orchestra. The 29-piece collection is located on a 20-acre prairie site at Sand Ridge Nature Center and offers a variety of science-led nature programs and festivals. All year round, it offers live music, nature lectures, naturalists, nature program festivals and much more.

At Joliet Junior College, the nation's first public community college, we offer community members a higher education through a combination of bachelor, graduate and vocational programs.

Eagle Sports Range is committed to providing a safe, fun and enjoyable environment for children and adults to enjoy all sports and activities. HITS, Inc. manufactures and develops the largest and most popular mini golf course in the world in the state of Illinois. Eagle Sports Range hosts award-winning mini golf tournaments as well as a variety of other events and events.

If you live in Mokena, IL, you will find a variety of activities in and around the city. Whether you like to live in a small town or neighborhood, attend a baseball game, watch a movie or try your luck at one of the many restaurants, bars, shops and restaurants in the area, just visit and enjoy it. With so many things to see and do, it is enough time to spend just one day in the city to really appreciate all that Makena has to offer.

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More About Mokena